American history - essay

In 2012, a gunman walked into a school and killed twenty young children and six adults. These innocent lives were taken by a gun that was placed in the hands of an unstable man. This man was dangerous to society, but because of the easy access to firearms, he was able to get his hands on a lethal weapon. Families were ripped apart with the loss of family members, and the town of Newtown is still mourning the loss of the children and teachers. This tragedy is not as rare as people may think, there has been an increasing number of mass shootings in the U.S..

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

During the 1900s women, more specifically black women were oppressed by social norms due to the fact that men were superior to them by the standards of society. In “There Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neil Hurston, the reader is taken on a journey into Janie’s life, there we discover her relationships with both society and men and the way she decides to live her life as a woman. Woman have been praised for their courage and voice in our present society, however, Zora Neil Huston's novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, is an anti-feminist novel as argued by Jennifer Jordan, due to the fact that Janie is oppressed by her relationships with men in society, therefore I disagree with Mary Jane Lupton who believes Hurston’s novel is pro-feminist. 

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The belief of Transcendentalism discussed by both Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson is deeply revolved around the belief of nature being a safe haven from all the evil an individual faces in society. This idea could mostly be argued as incorrect in our present day due to the fact that society is essential to our survival, although the beliefe of everyone being able to become a genius is an idea that should be taken from Emerson and applied in our present day.

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